Rejection? Who are these people anyway?

Well. after a year of querying Agents and Publishers, trying to get published or at least represented I finally got a nibble. Let me explain why a nibble is worth ma blog.

I must have queried 200 Agents and 100 publishers. The results?  210 stock rejections from Agents and 120 from Publishers. Makes one wonder about their craftsmanship…doesn’t it?

Ah, but in the middle of this is some interest from the Film making community…really. You know when you’re drowning in a sea of NO, you grab at any straw and keep afloat with your faith…true that!

Back to the nibble. I received a manuscript request from an E Book publisher. Again…another straw to cling to…but…God works in mysterious ways. My life is testimony to that…no details necessary.

So….the message here is to never give up. Never quit because to quote the overused theme “Quitters never win…and…winners never quit.”

Anyway, my Son is on the phone. He’s a salesman and nobody is buying today. He wants encouragement…HA…join the club Son.




Just when all seems……

Once again the Universal force has changed my mind. Just as i decided that I was too old to function in this youth oriented society. When my mind and emotional state had conspired to quit on this thing called life. As I was prepared to throw in the proverbial towel the Universe showed up…with hope.

Hope. A thing that i had given up on. Hope. That most impossible dream that seems to fade faster as chronological life evolves.

Hope.In the form of creative acceptance.

I won’t bore you with the details here and now. Suffice it to say that I am a man whose entire adult life has embraced the creative community. Be it entertainment or literary or musical. I am a man accustomed to global travel and spur of the moment decisions.

That had all been removed from my existence now. That was all in the past. A past with no future…and a dismal presence.

All seemed fruitless. Every effort led to rejection. I screamed silently It’s not supposed to be this way.

Suddenly the Universe sent a ray of hope. A peek at the end of the tunnel.

Stay tuned…



Another beautiful day in Central Florida….Boring. Just think for a minute. The weather is so nice I take it for granted. I bitched at the snow and rain in new York. The traffic is a joke here…and…I can park anywhere I want to go...the movies…restaurants, the Y…anywhere. That’s another thing. Golf courses. There’s a Golf course on every street (so it seems) but how many golf balls can a man hit? Pools…everywhere…swimming weather…everyday. What am I bitching about? I’m living the life that people work forty years and save money to live…suckers. What do I miss? Truth….Yeah that’s right …truth.

Every thing here seems to be a lie. People are downright rude, They drive with a vengeance, cutting off other cars just for the hell of it. Except for a chosen few, their smiles never reach their eyes. What is it? Great weather…beaches everywhere…free parking…free sex and the beer is ice cold. Truth. Where’s the camaraderie you find in big cities? where’s the real hospitality you brush up against in crowded subways and elevators.

I miss the truth…You know you can spot a real crook where I come from…You go to school with them. You can also spot the good guys…you go to school with them too. Back in the apple the women are gorgeous. Here too…but in the Apple  you need imagination and game to get her to smile and disrobe. Here they start out nude on the porn sites and it goes downhill from there. Come on Girls…give a Guy a chance to ask first..OK?

But here’s the worst part. We’ve still got a lot of dormant hatred brewing here in the sunny deep south. We’re killing our children because of the racial hatred I thought had died out…It hasn’t. We are now disrespecting our President because of the color of his skin…The President…and murdering a 17 year old Boy in Sanford, Florida. Shame…shame…shame.

So there you have it. The weather is fine…the climate is lousy….The parking is free…but do you really want to go there. The people are friendly…if you do as they say and genuflect. The swimming is good…but…there’s sharks in the water…and on the shore.

What do I want? I want my Grandson to be judged on his talents..not his skin color…and his accomplishments…not on the failures of his Grandfather. I want him to feel free to learn and experience the world as I know it can be. I want him to feel,,,and be safe…not to have to look over his shoulder for Racists obsessed by the Hate Snake.

I want him to believe and achieve his goals…whatever they may be. And I guess most of all, I want him to grow up in a World better than the one I’m living in.

That’s not too much to ask.


Hello all you non-believers (especially you (Mark). Just thought I’d take a minute to follow up yesterday’s IT blog. Here’s the result. As i said when the Spooky lady said to look for good things. I did. the car gauge was a tip off. I bought the Lotto tickets. you already know i hit an Exacta at Jai  Lai so that’s yesterday’s newspaper. Wrap some Fish in it and move on.

I bought 2 Lotto tickets. The ones where you need 6 numbers to be rich…..I had 4 on one ticket and 3 on the other…..So I’m hooked. A 75 dollar win day….not a lot but a good sign….Plus I went back and played some numbers….with winners money.

So all you n on=believers…laugh at the Universe…if you will.

It takes good care of me.

See you in the funny papers.


I know right from the start you will think me crazy….like a Loon. But that’s Ok. Here’s what happened to me today. First off you know my car is old and about to be deceased…like me (:. Ok, I found a great mechanic…Alexander Auto on Colonial drive…that’s a shameless plug but the Guy rates it…He’s the man. Anyway he’s got me on the road and I thank him. The next project was to fix my fuel gauge which didn’t work. No matter how much gas you fed the beast it only registered half full. Sooooo, when it hit empty and the funny little warning appeared I fed it again. It would only take 5 gallons and then it registered half full. You with me so far? That’s a no-no so my man, super mechanic Fred found a part to fix said half ass fuel tank. We made plans to do the do on Friday…OK?

In the meantime I spoke to a Pyschic friend of mine…Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you think this is where the BS comes in…Wrong. She told me to watch for some good news. Now I don’t know what that is. We’ll just call it II You see we all look for IT even when we don’t know what IT is…..IT is a good thing whether we know it or not. IT could be money  or love or just plain success. Whatever IT is…we want IT.

Anyway back to the tale. I went to put the five gallons of gas in the car and guess what? IT took a full tank. IT is working….Hooray…hallelujah…the prophesy is on point. Laugh if you want but I bought Lotto tickets tonite…in case IT is on the horizon. Then I went to the Jai lai games. On the search for IT. Guess what…they weren’t playing live tonight…only simulcasting. I hate simulcast but what the hell….I figured I’d give IT a try. Bet $12 and hit a $52 Exacta….OH, Oh. IT‘s on a roll.

Crazy…maybe. but i tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m going to check my numbers tonight and if I hit. i know that the big IT is around the corner.

So go ahead and call me crazy Mark…you know who you are but when i show up at your door in my Red convertible, Sun shades and a fist full of hundreds just remember I told you about the Universe and IT first.

As for the rest of you people. Wether you are non- believers or not I wish you lots of IT because IT can set you free. IT is a bitch.

See you in the funny papers.

Universal Protection

My car broke down yesterday. So what you may say. Everybody’s car breaks down sooner or later…it’s part of the deal. Especially when you buy a old used car from a private owner. It’s a crap shoot. You pay your money…you take your chances. Part of the life game. Most times you lose. you lick your wounds, fix the crate and move on. After all it’s only money…Hah.

This time I’m really pissed off though. It was a major problem. The front suspension or whatever. God and the Universe looked out for us (us because my Grandson was in the car…that’s another issue) and we broke down doing 20 MPH in the City streets. It could have happened on the highway at 70 MPH…right” Then what?  Major injury at least. A serious peoblem.

I had just told this asshole of a Mechanic to make sure this car was reliable…that’s all. The key word being reliable. People’s lives depend on that word. He gave me his word. Which either is no good or stupid. Either way his word is unreliable.

Now, we reach the moment of truth. Does this Jerk do the right thing and fix this car properly….does he try to bluff it out and force me into a position I don’t want to think about. One way or the other this situation will be rectified.

The major element is, since the Universe saw fit to save us from a major catastrophe, do I pass that kindness on? Does he get off with just a lecture about the responsibility of doing his job right and how his slothfulness and lack of responsibility could have caused death or major injury not only to me but a 4 yo child or does it call for a much more intense penalty? I suppose I’ll learn tomorrow. I suppose his attitude will tell me how to handle this…because it must be handled.

Thank you Universe. Once more you have applied your influence and guidance and I have come out on top…Once more my belief and trust in you has been fulfilled…Once more you have been there when needed.

Thank you.

I had a nice experience today. It as a pleasant passing of time….on the outside. Actually it was a confirmation of a belief of mine. Let me try to explain.

Last night I was hanging out with a co-worker of my son’s. He’s also become a friend of mine despite the vast differences in our ages. We seem to be on the same page. It’s a theory of mine that for some reason we seem to mesh with certain persons easier than with others. i believe it’s either from a past life experience or a meeting of like energies. Deny it if you will. call it, and me, crazy. it’s  happened often enough in my lifetime for  me to consider the theory a proven fact. Plus, anyone who follows my Blog knows by now that I don’t really care what others believe…It’s not important.

Anyway, Today I was at the YMCA doing my mini workout thing which includes swimming when i saw a man who lives in my building sitting by the pool chatting up a female lifeguard. I joined them and after telling the young girl that old men give you worms (I have a warped sense of humor), my neighbour and I began talking. I always knew he was a fellow New York ex-patriot, like me. He from the Bronx and me from Brooklyn, but I was pleasantly surprised that he had been involved in the Entertainment business…like me.

It turns out that he wrote some comedy for the comic Rodney Dangerfield. That little tidbit of knowledge led to other areas of commonality. The bottom line is we both enjoyed ourselves for the time shared and it was comfortable as if we had known each other for many years. Further confirmation of my theory.

I beleive the Universe unites us with certain like personalities when the time is right for whatever reason. No need to question this…just accept it. i bet if you review your own life you will find instances of friendship  that just happened. There are people you just seem to know and accept immediately while on the other hand there are people, sometimes in your own family that you just can’t seem to relate to.

I only broach this subject to give some life happy advice…unasked for, as usual. Don’t try to figure these types of things out. Just be yourself and let it flow.

You can’t change the behaviour of others. You can only be yourself and allow those of like mind and attitude to find you. For some reason I am constantly being rewarded by meeting interesting people at certain turns of the journey. Why? I don’t know why. I don’t have to know. Something bigger than me knows….The Universe knows.